Top 5 Most Photographed Lookout Points For The Aussie Road Tripper

It has been reported that horse race prize money and bonuses include vehicles and perks to lure trainers up north, like Rockhampton. Total prize money for the winter carnival is now almost $900,000; a serious number to entice horse trainers and owners to participate in the beef capital of CQ. In case you and your friends are interested in road tripping like horse race groupies this winter, placing bets and winning as you go, the following list will allow you to enjoy your serviced vehicle, like Mitsubishi service Brisbane centres conduct, with these spectacular lookout points.

Castle Hill, Townsville

This impressive 286 m high peak is a unique feature located at the top of a gargantuan pink granite hill. You will witness a blend of panoramic views of the city, ocean and island, such as Magnet Island just off the shore. Castle Hill stands out amidst the high rises and residential buildings. However, you will need to hike an off beaten path of your choosing while leaving your new or used vehicle like a Mitsubishi Triton for sale Brisbane dealers offer, a few hundred meters below.

Genoa Peak, Victoria

Not for the faint of heart, the next time you are on a road trip with a car safely serviced from a Mitsubishi service Brisbane centre, you can hike up a track to Genoa Peak in East Gippsland. With plenty of scope for adventure, your 1.5 km hike ends with a scenic 360-degree view of nature reserves, lakes and the coastline.

Qualia Resort, Whitsundays

With an extreme high-end price tag, this room with a view gives you 360-degree panoramic views of the entire island. The accommodations and services are world class and award winning, much like your Mitsubishi service centre Brisbane market has today, and are located on the northern tip of Hamilton Island. Having an outstanding reputation, it has become a favorite among honeymooners as well as couples looking to get away from urban life to celebrate a special event. A remarkable place to stay, the resort is divided into exclusive pavilions with their own private viewing decks and concierge services.

Cape Hauy, Tasmania

A rocky pillar-like structure located in the Tasman National Park, you will be able to hike with your friends through the amazing steep-cliff and rock formations along the coastline. Although there is no scope for cars or breakdowns needing servicing, like Mitsubishi spare parts Brisbane dealers provide, the region is celebrated for its pristine natural environment with multiple viewpoints along the way.

Ubirr, Kakadu

Majestically overlooking the Kakadu National Park, Ubirr offers the most advantageous viewpoints for the most majestic sunsets you will have ever mortally experienced. Famous also for its ancient rock art, Ubirr was home to Aboriginals, whose art dates back thousands of years. Carrying a prehistoric sense of ‘the land that time forgot’, it is 250 meters long and views are particularly glorious after rainfall.

So the next time you are off chasing the sunset, you may want to stop by these panoramic viewpoints to add to your collection. For new and used vehicles to take you on your journey, you can have a look around or visit sites like They even give information on every Mitsubishi service Brisbane centre near you.