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The memorable rail trail tour in Otago, New Zealand


Make the best use of a disused rail track, walk, cycle or go by horse and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty as you trek along the route. That is in short the unique feature of Otago rail trail tours in New Zealand. This rail train tour has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand. It is estimated that on an average, about 14,000 people enjoy these unique rail trail tours in Otago, New Zealand.

otago rail trail tours

Brief history:

This disused railway line spreads over a distance of about 150 kms between Central Otago and Dunedin. Although the railway line was completed, for various reasons, the line did not become operational. As a result, the railway line was declared disused by the authorities, and this has turned out to be a popular tourist spot in New Zealand.

Activities available in the tour:

Stephen Bridle, Managing Director, Makerview, pointed in an article published in Enzherald.com that Otago rail trail tours are not limited to cycling, walking or horse riding. These are also gaining importance as a popular wine tour.

A wonderful long walk:

In fact, among the tourists and also among some of the fun-loving local population of New Zealand, Otago rail trail tours have become a popular sport. Many tourists love to walk the distance, and they normally take about 5 to 7 days to cover the distance. On cycle, it may take about 3 to 5 days and on the horse about 2 to 3 days. The tour would be a test of endurance. As you walk along, you can chat with fellow tourists, sing and listen to favorite music on your smartphone. All these make you enjoy this wonderful rail trail tour.

Comfortable stay:

The rail tour will be interesting and for your convenience, several hotels and restaurants have been established all along the route. You can enjoy hot coffee/tea, snacks at these restaurants. In addition to these, the restaurants also provide you mouthwatering exclusive local specialty cuisines. For your comfortable stay, many hotels have come up. You can enjoy a comfortable stay at these hotels and rejuvenate for the next day’s walk. The food and accommodation are available at affordable prices.

Guided tour:

Some of the tourists conduct guided Otago rail trail tours in Middlemarch and from various other locations. The guided tour is normally limited to a minimum of four and maximum of 20 persons. The tour is spread over a period of five days. The package includes airport pick up, accommodation, baggage transfer, bike hire charges, curling, train charges for taieri George and breakfast.

Exclusive luxury tour:

In addition to this, you also find guided luxury Middlemarch Otago rail trail tours. This tour is spread over a period of six days, and apart from airport pick up, baggage transfer charges, bike charges, accommodation and food, this tour also includes cruise at Clutha River, curling in Nasseby, wineyard tour, Hayes engineering tour and Taieri George train charge.

Experienced guides:

The package tour operators provide you energy bars, mineral water and also sunscreens. The tour operators also undertake to book your meals after discussing the menu with you. You may browse to find best Otago rail trail tours in Middlemarch. You will be accompanied by experienced guides.