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When Your Motorcycle Won’t Start – What to Do


More people own motorcycles in this century as compared to others before. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, Brisbane has two million fewer people compared to Melbourne, but 1,725 more motorcycle commuters. This goes to show that a good number of people in Brisbane use a motorcycle. However, these machines are man-made and not perfect, thus tend to have failures that need motorcycle repairs Brisbane professionals offer. There are times one may want to ride their bike yet it won’t start. Instead of giving up, there are ways to solve the problem. The following are instructions on what to do when your motorcycle will not start.


If your motorcycle does not start, the problem could be with the internal-combustion engine, which normally needs fuel of high quality, compression and a spark to the fuel that is compressed or air mix at the required time or close. With these three things and sufficient electrical energy to spin the starter for bikes that start with a button, your engine will start. If you have the skills of removing a spark plug, using a voltmeter and draining a carburetor, it could also eliminate the need for motorcycle repairs Brisbane centres currently offer.

Starting Drill

Each motorcycle has its own starting drill, which may be holding the clutch, checking whether the bike is in gear or not, while others may require that the bike be in neutral when on kickstand. When your motorbike does not start, do not freak out before checking the procedure to be followed to start the same. Ensure the kill switch has not been moved to off. You can visit a motorcycle repairs Brisbane has today when you can’t identify the problem.


If it still does not start, maybe the problem is with the battery. The common signs that show the battery is dead include dim lights, slow or no starter activity, and weak horn. In such cases, you should probably check the terminal connections of the battery as they may require cleaning, tightening, charging or changing. If the battery is good to go, then its most likely that your motorcycle has a blown fuse or a malfunctioned kickstand safety switch, and this can be replaced at a motorcycle repairs Brisbane center. Visit at Crazy Dogs

Fuelling and Ignition System

In case the bike can turn on normally without any laboring then the problem might be in the ignition system. Think of anything you could have done to create a problem, for example, when washing, water could have entered the ignition switch or plug cups. This can be corrected by using a spirit or moisture displacing lubricant. Check the fuel tank if there is enough fuel, and if there is any fuel delivery problem. If such a problem exists, just loosen the float-bowl drain screw and allow fuel to run out to check for dirt in the system. If the problem is not here, its best to contact a Brisbane motorcycle repairs specialist as injection issues are not easy nor safe to handle on your own.

When most people are confronted by a minor problem, it’s common to rush to the best motorcycle repairs Brisbane service centres offer, yet the problem could be something fixable by themselves. Use the above guide to determine common problems.